Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Talk to me Terry

Can I just tell you that I LOVE Terry Gross.  Seriously, she is the best interviewer ever.  If you didn't grow up being force-fed NPR in the car then you may not know what I'm talking about.  (Though I don't remember listening to Terry Gross but I did get an NPR addiction which then introduced me to her show).  Terry has a daily  show on NPR-Fresh Air (weird name, cool show).  She interviews all sorts of people and I'm telling you, it doesn't matter who it is (with one exception)--you will be drawn in.  I have learned so many things from her interviews ranging from details about the new Muppets movie to some guy who wrote the most comprehensive book on Bin Laden and Al Quaeda (how do you spell that?).  The one bad interview I heard was with Doris Day--she sounded so strange and awkward.  She wasn't in a studio and might have been on the phone.  Anyway, that is the only bad one I have heard. With that exception she never has awkward interview moments that you often see on the Today Show or local news.  As if!

I've started listening to Fresh Air while going for a run.  It makes the time and the miles so much more enjoyable.  Last night I was listening to her remembrance of Maurice Sendak.  By the end I was sobbing (while running which makes it worse because of the heavy breathing).  The raw emotions and feelings that he expressed in his last interview were hard to take.  It was sad to me because he is an aetheist(sp?) and he had lost many of his friends to old age and he was sad that he would never see them again.  He did think that he would see his brother though--somehow.  He also expressed how beautiful the world is and that he will be sad to leave it.  I'm getting choked up again.  I'm not sure why it effected me so.  I didn't even know that he had still been alive until I heard that he died yesterday.  Anyway, you should listen to it.  The link is below. It is 45 minutes long taking excerpts from four interviews ranging from 1986-2011.  The last portion is the one that really got me but I enjoyed all of them.

Someday maybe I will post my make-believe show where Terry interviews me....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Salon Style....

So, I was browsing through a magazine the other day and there was a scratch-n-sniff ad for shampoo.  So I tried it and guess what, it smelled like apples and I thought to myself, wasn't there a shampoo that smelled just like this?  Yes, do you remember Salon Selectives?  Totally.  Do you remember it as being "trendy"?  I totally do.  Maybe its because I was in high school (I think) in its hay day, it seems like it was a big deal.  Then what happened to it?  Did Pantene Pro V take over?  I can't remember (which worries me a little bit).  Then the shampoo/conditioner timeline of my life started playing in my brain.....

It all started with Silkience.  Do you remember that brand?  I remember it because to my knowledge it was the first conditioner I used.  Conditioner was a revelation as a child.  Why didn't we use it before?  No idea but I don't think conditioner was as wide-known and used in the late 70s.  Anyone remember "cream rinse"?  What was that all about?

Then there was that brand (I can't remember the name) that had different scents that were supposed to smell like designer perfumes.  I also seem to remember sprays. I don't think they were the same brand but I think I had some that smelled like "Poison", is that right?

You can ask Lysa what happens when you think furniture polish disguised in a travel-size-like bottle is conditioner...

In college I went through the Aveda color conditioner phase.  Remember me with dark reddish/brown hair?  Remember the stains on my bathrobe?

These days I just go with whatever.  What's on sale?  Which brand has a cool bottle?  What's at Target?

I have experienced major stress when traveling because the in-room conditioner provided is not nearly enough.  I have learned my lesson and try to bring my own or buy some as soon as I get somewhere.  So yes, I think a lot about about shampoo and conditioner.  "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Penn's Point of View (PPOV)

Photos taken by Penn and maybe Sophia--hard to tell. Here are some nice, unposed, non-glamorous shots!

Grandmaleen and PapaTom!--aren't you glad I'm not tagging you on Facebook?!

Silly (wild) Sophia

The most flattering photo Penn got of me. The good ones are coming up.




Surprised Beth or shocked or just too much Diet DP....


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So, I'm turning into an "older" woman. I'm getting some strong opinions about things. About salads. I have finally figured out why I LOVE LOVE some salads and hate others. Its okay if you stop reading here. Another thing I'm learning about myself is I'm kind of boring. Anyway, back to the KEY to salad. I need a warm ingredient to offset the cool ones. There you have it. I hate all-cold salads. I am in love with beet salad. Yeah, that's right. I had one last night and it was TDF. I love it because the beet comes out of the oven (after roasting for 80 minutes) really hot which wilts and warms the greens and goat cheese (now I know it is called Chevre and I really like it). Maybe that is why the taco salad at the Cougar Eat was so yummy. I think it had some warmth. Oh yeah, and all that ranch...MMmm good times. The picture up top is not my salad last night and was made with yellow beets which are just as yummy! If your only beet eperience is with canned beets you must give them another shot. Anyway, I better get going. Meeting Lysa at Costa Vida for what else? A mango chicken salad (warm chicken). I'll try to get a life before I post again!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bragging Rights

I don't mean to brag but....Ok I am bragging a little bit. I had a really yummy lunch today that I made myself.

Don't you get annoyed by people who tell you about what they made they make it sound really cool and pure and yummy and inspired and then they post pictures? Well, that is not me-well maybe a little bit, did you notice the penguin plate on which my masterpiece is displayed?

I've been branching out lately making bread (two weeks in row), making freezer jam (it actually worked and is pretty yummy), and now my caprese (?) salad for lunch. So it started when I saw the mozzarella (the real kind) on sale at King Soopers, next I found the really yummy heirloom (I think) tomatoes at Whole Foods, then I just needed some basil, olive oil and presto it was done and it was yummy and I had to have it for lunch because the rest of my family is kind of lame and doesn't like this kind of stuff. The tomato was to die for. The best I've had. I forgot about balsamic vinegar which would have made it even better I'm sure. Next time....I also have another yummy lunch planned--beet salad. I had a really yummy beet salad at a restaurant last week and haven't stopped thinking about it since. I saw red and yellow beets at Whole Foods and figured, what the heck--I can figure it out. I still need to get some goat cheese and argula. Can't wait!

In other news, when I first met Brady he called me C3PO because I guess I felt the need to spout off facts or be precise, or share something I heard on NPR or something. Anyway, I realized I am totally lame and in fact kind of C3PO-like after all. During Primary last week I felt myself feeling superior singing the real lyrics to Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree while clearly other adults (including the chorister) were not. Do you know what I'm talking about?

"Spring has brought me such a nice surprise, blossoms (not popcorn) popping right before my eyes" and "It wasn't really so, but it seemed to be (not seemed to me)..." See what I mean? I am proficient in over 43,000 dialects, blah blah blah.

Monday, August 30, 2010


So lately I have really gotten into food. Yummy food. Brady and I have a new favorite show. It is called Diners Drive-Ins and Drives. Mmm. You should watch it. We may plan our next vacation based on fun places from this show. I also watch a lot of cooking shows because I have a little TV at my desk and not much is on during the day when I sit down to get a little work done. I definitely have some preferences.

Giada: Love her and her recipes. Have I made any? No but I have DVR'd a few episodes--just in case! She always uses lemon and I love using lemon and lime. Plus that smile--I totally wish I had her smile.

Ina--The Barefoot Contessa: She bugs a little bit although her recipes seem pretty good. I do watch the show but why does she bug? Not totally sure. Just her manner-a little superior and into herself and her garden and her husband. Why no kids? Plus, why is she called the Barefoot Contessa?

Ask Aida: She is ok. The format of her show is a little annoying with the guy at the computer throwing out emailed questions from viewers. Also, the cheesecake lollipops did not work--I tried them--Aida lied....

Rachel Ray: Sorry, can't stand her voice. It sounds like she is always on the verge of losing her voice. EVOOOOOOOOOOnoooooo.

David Rocco: I have only watched this show like once or twice. The Italian nightlife and yatch shots were a little freaky to me. It seemed like the free-wheeling 70s and 80s or something.

So, the main reason I don't make any of the cooking show recipes is because they all use tons of butter and cream and milk-filled products. It stinks. I know they aren't trying to be evil and I try not to take it personally. You can only go so far with Silk and Rice Dream and Earth Balance "butter" spread. I do have some vegan "cream cheese" to try. We'll see....

I'm trying little by little to be a better cook and make more interesting meals for my family. I for sure am a better baker than cook but I am trying. Proof? I printed out about 10 recipes from the internet today. Time will tell if I will actually make them but they sure sound yummy (Thanks Jaime for the suggestion to look at just kept printing and printing).

My goal this week? To make homemade bread. I read an article in the paper about how to improve your financial situation and one tip was to buy a bread machine because you get such an exponential return on your investment. Seriously, bread is like $4.00/loaf. Well, no bread machine but what the heck, I can make bread, right?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yada Yada Yada

We started summer vacation yada yada yada and now the kids are back in school. That is how I feel about the summer. It went so fast and now we are back to the old grind. I feel like it is leftovers night for my blog. Little tidbits here and there that I need to get some use out of. Here goes...

The Bicycle Saga:

Today Penn and I took a bike ride to meet Brady for lunch. It was about 4 1/2 miles each way and so much fun. I feel like a kid who just got a bike. So for almost two years I have been working on taking family bike rides and I have run into a few road blocks (pun obviously intended) along the way.

Step 1-Get bikes--check (2 years ago).

Step 2-Teach kids to ride bikes (and enjoy it). This actually took Quinton awhile. I blamed myself for not getting bikes sooner. He eventually got the hang of it and even enjoys it now. Sophia just barely learned without training wheels earlier this summer. She is a pro now. Of course now they kind of need bigger bikes. Baby steps.

Step 3-Penn had be one year old to go in a trailer. So the spring of 2009 he was old enough and we decided on a seat on the back (like I used to ride with my Dad). It cost much less than a Burley-type trailer and I liked the fact that he could enjoy the sites right behind me. Well, we got the seat and Brady tried to install it when low and behold it was not compatible with my brakes. Ugh. So then I got discouraged. I have spent the last year or so looking for trailers on Craig's List but never got around to deciding on one (would it have all the parts, where would we store it, etc.). Plus, I felt like it was such an investment and I didn't know how long Penn would go for it (since by this time he is nearly ready for college). So, at the park last spring I saw a guy with this cool recumbant (sp?) trailer where the kid is strapped in like a car seat but can also pedal-but doesn't have to. Finally this week I got one! I just went out and did it. It is called a WeeHoo and I love it so far. It holds a passenger up to 60 pounds so I am hoping to get my money's worth here. And yes, Quinton and Sophia have both taken a ride to test it out.

Step 4-Go on an all-family bike ride. Nope, haven't done this yet. Oh, did I mention someone borrowed my bike in March and we haven't gotten it back yet? Yeah. Long story. So, I am riding Brady's bike with clip-in pedals (with normal shoes) no clipping in for me yet. We are still one step away (its like a nightmare when you just can't get everything done).

Here is Brady taking Penn for a test drive. Notice no shirt on Penn. We keep it classy.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not a "cyclist". I am totally cautious going down hills and don't like to get crazy on the mountain bike trails. Also, the trailer is great--it gives me an excuse to ride on the sidewalk/greenbelts rather than the busy streets which is scary to me. I did feel the love from some "cyclists" today. I got the friendly waves and enjoyed that. What I really love is the freedom of a bike. I like thinking about the possibilities of where I can ride to. This mostly involves food--like riding to lunch today. It also reminded me of riding to DQ and MiniMart with Lysa before we could drive. Brady and I rode to dinner a couple of times while dating. Just a fun way to do something that is otherwise normal. I'm totally addicted! I hope winter comes slowly.

In other news...

Things I Learned at Priest Lake:

1. Food always tastes better after a day at the beach. I come home each year with many meal ideas but they just don't taste the same.

2. Using leftovers is an art.

3. Away from the hub-bub of everyday life, planning and cooking meals takes on a much larger and enjoyable role.

4. Old Velveeta boxes are great storage devices.

5. Shower caps work well as plastic wrap substitutes for leftovers.

6. Coffee filters work well for covering food in the microwave.

7. Costco is a life-saver.

8. Lemonade at dinner is yummy.

9. My kids love pancakes and I should make them more often.

Last But Not Least...

To Minivan or Not to Minivan? That is the question.

We have been looking at cars. Ugh. Although the Audi seats 7 it is not very practical. The 3rd row is almost impossible to get to (especially with a car seat and booster seat in the 2nd row) and Brady is worried that it will only get more expensive to maintain the longer we have it. I can see his point there too. Also, we have been going back and forth about my part-time work for awhile now. My employer pays for my car (I'm not trying to brag, just the facts man). So, if I don't work then we will have less income AND a bigger car payment. So, a minivan is the practical answer right--and not one of those fancy souped up ones either.

So the other question is, why do I have such a hard time driving a minivan? Well, I think it goes back to my upbringing and I'm not dissing my parents I'm sure they would have loved to drive fancy cars back in the day but... Do your remember the Lead Bullet? I do. It was a silver, diesel, station wagon. Huge. Do you remember the sound a diesel car makes? Especially one circa 1985? This is what I had to drive upon getting my license. Then there was the DTV--you know, the Damn Tan Van. Fun times with that one too. Finally I got a cool car of my own. Sure, it was a 1979 Toyota Corona (not Corolla, look it up) but it was small and that was all I cared about. My BFF Melanie got to drive a cute yellow bug and occasionally her Dad's Porsche. No fair. Oh well, as I look back it taught me humility and gave me character (or so I tell myself). After the Corona was Grammie and Bompa's Mercury Marquis--gray with red interior. I was thankful for a car to drive. The car's nickname (Sex on Wheels--scandalous) acquired during my first years at BYU was definitely ironic. Did I mention it was rear wheel drive? Oh and the ceiling fabric hanging down was icing on the cake. I did have many fun times in that car though--driving back home to Colorado with various siblings listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers mix tapes on my boom box situated between the front and back seats, the music turned way up because the windows were open because the A/C didn't work...

So, after working for about six months at my first post-college, full-time job I was itching to buy my own car. Well, at least lease it. I settled on a gray (I see a color trend here) Honda Passport. It had 4-wheel drive and I loved it. I felt pretty rugged. Then came the Honda Accord, the VW Passat, Volvo 850, VW Passat Wagon, Toyota Sienna (disclaimer: I only had 2 kids back then, why did I need a minivan?) and finally the Audi Q7. Well, I think we may be back to the minivan and I think I maybe mature enough to accept it. Really, what is the big deal with cool cars anyway? (Well, I will really miss the best heated seats in the world and refrigerated glove box which is actually very handy, oh and the awesome panoramic sunroof...)

THE END. You never know when I will get to posting again so soak it all in. Just kidding. I woke up and could not get back to sleep so this maybe very funny in the morning.